A Note to Doctors and Other Healthcare Practitioners:

How I Can Help

You make dietary recommendations, but your patients are unable to follow through.

Because of a lifetime of fast food and dependence on microwave meals, many people do not have the skills to make dietary changes easily. A lack of cooking skills and a palate that craves the old foods can hinder success.   

Here are a few ways I can help – with one or more of the following: 

1. Cooking and baking in your patients’ homes.

2. Cooking classes in your patients’ homes. 

3. Altering recipes according to your recommendations: For example, if a person needs to eliminate certain foods, I can work with them to determine a way to alter a recipe they crave. I can create the alteration in steps, moving toward the ideal. 

4. Help patients transition to a healthier diet as gradually as they need to for success. 

5. Create a plan to fade my help as your patients become more proficient in the kitchen. 

6. I can cook meals in a family member’s home that they can bring to the hospital or rehab, or I can deliver them for an extra charge. 


Let’s talk to see if I can help your patients meet their health goals. 

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I look forward to speaking with you. 


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